Cool Cash CheckCard Sweepstakes Winners…$1000 & $500

February 25, 2012

Jeremy Crim and John J Robinson win BancFirst CheckCard Sweepstakes 

 Jeremy Crim of Stillwater and John J Robinson of Perkins were presented a check in the amount of $1000.00 and $500.00 by Jerry Franklin president of BancFirst Stillwater.  Crim and Robinson are one of 71 winners statewide to share in the annual Cool Cash CheckCard sweepstakes drawing with a total of $50,000 distributed statewide.

Participants in the sweepstakes received one entry each time they used their BancFirst CheckCard during the months of October, November and December, 2011. A prize winner was drawn in each BancFirst market area. Winners included 60 – $500 winners, 10 – $1,000 winners and one grand prize winner of $10,000.

“The annual Cool Cash CheckCard Sweepstakes is a great opportunity to encourage customers to enjoy all the advantages of their CheckCard,” Jerry Franklin said.  “I’m thrilled that a Stillwater customer was one of the sweepstakes winners.  It’s just another small way that BancFirst gives back to the customers and communities that we serve.”

BancFirst CheckCards can take the place of a checkbook, cash and ATM card, for a whole new level of convenience and purchasing power. BancFirst CheckCards have no monthly or annual fees and link the worldwide Visa® network with your BancFirst checking account.  Make withdrawals and get balance information with your BancFirst CheckCard, and enjoy 24-hour convenience and no charges at any ATM located at BancFirst, 7-Eleven, EZ-Go, Walgreens and QuikTrip stores throughout Oklahoma.

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