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July 13, 2012

Written by Allison Deaver, Our Vintage Love

Whether you’re planning for wedding, preparing for a new addition to your family, moving, or simply desire a new look to your home or wardrobe, there are many local businesses in Stillwater that can assist your updates without forcing you to spend beyond your budget or going into debt. Individuals are becoming more aware of the importance of recycling, eliminating waste, and not spending beyond their means, and this article is meant to provide great resources to enable this way of living.

My husband and I are on a very tight budget, and we pay for things we need or want with cash; we have zero debt. Because of this, we aren’t able to buy everything we would like to buy, but shopping second-hand enables us to live comfortably while maintaining a healthy savings plan. Buying second-hand is also part of my resell and vintage rentals business, and these businesses provide great opportunities to supplement our income.

Shopping second-hand through individuals and local stores helps boost our local economy, and some stores like Habitat for Humanity ReStore, Goodwill, and The Salvation Army go beyond to help our community and individuals in need.

This picture is a little corner of my house that contains an example of how I furnish my home with second-hand furniture and accessories.

Chair – Craigslist
Clock – $10 at Habitat for Humanity ReStore (I repainted it with supplies I had on hand. See before and after picture below.)
End Table – $1 at Habitat for Humanity ReStore (I painted and distressed with supplies I had on hand.)
Lamp – $4 at Estate Sale
Mirror – $5 at Yard Sale


Here are the links and addresses of the Stillwater businesses that sell second-hand/vintage items. There are most likely more that I’m unaware of, but this is the majority.

Awards and Moore – 809 South Main Street

Beg, Barter, Buy and Sell in Stillwater/Payne County – Facebook

Elite Repeat – 711 South Main Street

Goodwill Industries Thrift Store – 811 South Main Street

Habitat for Humanity ReStore – 505 East 18th Avenue

Homestead – 1116 South Main Street

Karman Korner – 819 South Main Street

Red Barn Boutique (twice a year event) – 44th and Sangre

The Salvation Army Thrift Store – 1101 South Lowry

St. Andrew’s Thrift Shop – 504 West 3rd Avenue

I hope this encourages you and makes it easier to shop with your budget in mind. Happy thrifting!

Allison Deaver


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