Experience Dinner @ Tokyo Pot, Stillwater, OK

July 5, 2011

I have had lots of people tell me I needed to try the Tokyo Pot restaurant. Zach and I finally had the opportunity to go with our friends Kristine and Scott. We were so glad they joined us! Tokyo Pot is a dining experience. Be sure you go when you have plenty of time to enjoy it and won’t be rushed.


Zach LOVED eating here! He would have ate another round of everything if I would have let him. :)


Our sweet friends Kristine & Scott and our new friend, Dean Chen. He also goes by Dean Setiawan. Dean is the Manager of Tokyo Pot. I think he is more than the Manager but he likes to keep a low profile. :)  Dean is from Indonesia and went to school in Oregon.  He opened Tokyo Pot 3 years ago.


Tokyo Pot has a special drink for adults that causes some people to regret drinking it the next morning. This is their wall of fame for the adventurous drinkers. We opted out of the drinking experience.

Very cute restaurant inside! Scott and Kristine told us it is very busy when the students are in town. If you plan to visit it is best to make a reservation.

At Tokyo Pot,  you cook your own food using a hot pot. It’s very easy and the food cooks very fast. We had chicken, steak and lots of veggies.

More pictures of the food! It is really good and easy to cook.  Kristine likes her food extra spicy so she had some Thai chili sauce.


I think this is a very healthy dinner!  We did have some veggies we had never tried before.

Very fun dinner!  (Scott- sorry for the evil eyes.)

The food cooking!


Zach LOVED this headband and made me promise to use this picture in the post.


We gave Tokyo Pot 5 stars!    They are located at:  108 W. 10th, Downtown Stillwater  To make reservations call:  372.8898  Customers are like family!  Say Hi to Dean for us!


Special thanks to Dean for a memorable evening!


Today’s post was sponsored by Stillwater Medical Center.


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